March 19, 2014 - ARLINGTON, VA - The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2014/2015 academic year from students currently enrolled in food and agricultural science majors who have a true interest in the field of accredited food safety auditing.

Cathy Polley, RPh, executive director of the FMI Foundation, commented on the program, saying, "As food buyers and sellers increasingly rely on accredited third-party certification to help ensure the products they sell to consumers are safe, food safety depends on a core of well-trained auditors with sophisticated auditing skills, food industry experience and a food science or related degree. 

"The FMI Foundation is proud to offer these scholarships to undergraduate and graduate food and agricultural science students in order to nurture the talent that will help preserve consumer trust in the future."

The FMI Foundation scholarships are extremely competitive and are based primarily on academic ability; leadership potential; motivation and initiative; along with a passion for the food industry and the auditing profession. The 2013/2014 scholarship awardees honored students working to address Listeria monocytogenes, improve auditing systems and further food safety regulation.

The FMI Foundation Scholarship Application is available here.

More information about 2013/2014 Awardees is available here.
Learn more about the FMI Foundation on their website.