ARLINGTON, VA — June 8, 2011 — The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) released this week its Online Suppliers Guide, a one stop shop for food retailers and wholesalers to find information on suppliers to fulfill their various product and service needs. The guide is located on FMI’s website at

“The FMI Online Suppliers Guide is two fold—it delivers multiple solutions for food retailers and wholesalers and provides suppliers a platform to display their offerings to a broad audience,” says Dagmar Farr, senior vice president, member services at FMI.

This extensive resource allows users to search for suppliers by company name, brand or any of a wide range of categories, from advertising and unsaleables to food products, private brands and more. Additionally, the FMI Online Suppliers Guide features an RFP Automator, allowing users to create customized requests and receive personalized responses straight to their inbox. All of these features streamline and accelerate the process for users in search of solutions to achieve strategic goals, improve operations and expand markets.

The FMI Online Suppliers Guide offers an unsurpassed opportunity for all companies wishing to grow their business by making their products and services available to food retailers and wholesalers.