PHOENIX, AZ — January 25, 2011 – Tim Devanney, president of Highland Park Market, Inc., received the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Glen P. Woodard, Jr., Public Affairs Award today. The award recognizes Devanney’s leadership in helping the supermarket industry address important government issues. The award was presented at FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference in Phoenix, AZ.     

Devanney grew up in the grocery business, helping out in his father’s store when he was 10 years old. He took over the daily operations of Highland Park Market in the late 1980s, but continued to follow his father’s simple philosophy to always help others.

Devanney has played a vital role in representing the interests of the supermarket industry at both the state and federal level. He has been a member of the FMI Board of Directors since 2002, and also served as chairman of the Independent Operator Committee. As a member of the board, Devanney is actively involved in public policy initiatives that impact the food retail industry. He is also currently serving his second term as chairman of the Connecticut Food Association.

Devanney has been described as someone who is always willing to go the extra mile whenever he is asked. As the debate on credit card interchange fees received greater focus on Capitol Hill, Devanney was instrumental in helping his home state Senator Christopher Dodd, who happened to be serving at the Chairman of the Banking Committee at the time, understand why interchange fee reform was needed. It is in part due to Devanney’s advocacy on behalf of the industry that the Senator was convinced of the need for reform and announced his commitment to address interchange reform through his committee. Devanney is very dedicated to working on behalf of food retailers in Connecticut.

Devanney is an active member of several community organizations in the Manchester, Connecticut area. He is the recipient of several awards honoring his commitment and dedication to the community. Being the proud father of six children, it is possible the award that is closest to his heart is the 2010 Father of the Year award presented to him by the Father’s Day Council of Greater Hartford and the American Diabetes Association.

     Devanney is the 16th recipient of the Woodard Award. Glen Woodard led public affairs advocacy in the supermarket industry during the second half of the 20th century, representing Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., and FMI.
The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference is the industry’s education and networking event for top executives of retail, wholesale and supplier companies representing the entire scope of the food and grocery products industry. The conference focuses on the major challenges and opportunities for the food industry.

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