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ARLINGTON, VA — January 22, 2007 — Alex Lee Chairman and CEO Boyd George received the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Herbert Hoover Award today honoring his personal and professional excellence in serving the food retail and wholesale industry. FMI Board Chair Jeff Noddle presented the award at the association’s 2007 Midwinter Executive Conference in Grand Lakes, FL.

     George has now earned two major FMI awards in the past four years, having received Glen P. Woodard, Jr., Public Affairs Award in 2003. "These two honors underscore the remarkable breadth of his service to our industry," Noddle said in giving the tribute.

     George’s most recent contribution was helping the industry prepare for the possibility of an avian flu pandemic. He oversaw the development of a plan for his company. "He then generously shared it with FMI, giving the industry the template for a much-needed business-readiness plan," Noddle said.

     George has contributed to countless industry initiatives over the years as a leader of four national food industry associations: the National-American Wholesale Grocers’ Association (NAWGA), which he chaired from 1992-1994, International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), Food Distributors International (FDI) and FMI. NAWGA later became part of FDI, and FDI merged with FMI.

     In fact, George was a strong proponent of the FDI-FMI merger in 2003, preserving a strong support system for the wholesaler community. He also helped conceive the Annual Business Conference, a yearly strategic planning forum valued highly by food distributors and their trading partners.

     George is the 52nd person to receive the Hoover award since it was inaugurated in 1961. The award was inspired by industry and government campaigns that Hoover led to deliver food relief to victims of the Boxer Rebellion, World War I and Great Depression.

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