Arlington, VA – December 18, 2006


Claudia Peters


"EDLP," the readily recognizable acronym for "Every Day Low Price(s)," – or functional equivalents of the term (e.g., Every Day Low Pricing, Every Day Low Price(s), and Everyday Low Pricing) – is a generic and descriptive term used throughout the retail industry and should not be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by any single company. Such an action would restrict other companies from using this term, which many companies in the retail industry have been using for many years. In fact, Professor Walter J. Salmon of Harvard Business School noted in 1990 that EDLP's origins in the grocery business were inspired in the 1960s.

All retailers should be able to give consumers appropriate descriptive information about their products and services. Consumers understand and have universally come to know that the term EDLP describes a commonly understood pricing strategy useful for shoppers in making selections from among the retail stores in their communities.