WASHINGTON, DC — November 4, 2004 — Partnering with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the Snack Food Association (SFA) is the newest member of FoodFleetXchange, an online buying service that allows industry fleet professionals to save considerable time and money on fleet-related equipment, parts and services.

Under the FoodFleetXchange program, member companies of FMI and SFA — in partnership with AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources — are eligible for special pricing and rebates on a wide variety of products and supplies, including retread and new tires, truck bodies, transmissions, motor oil and lubricants, maintenance parts, fuel cards, filters and lift gates.

“AmeriQuest makes the FoodFleetXchange exclusive deals possible by aggregating the buying power of our customers, enabling us to negotiate some of the best pricing in the industry,” said Doug Clark, president of AmeriQuest. When combined with the rebates offered by the program, Clark added, the savings become “very, very significant.”

FMI President and CEO Tim Hammonds said he is confident that the FoodFleetXchange program will continue to grow. “We are delighted to expand FoodFleetXchange to the Snack Food Association. FMI members have seen great success with this program, and we expect it to become increasingly valuable as more and more companies utilize it as a resource.”

“We look forward to providing our members with the low prices and rebates that AmeriQuest has made possible through the FoodFleetXchange program,” said James McCarthy, president and CEO, Snack Food Association. “Along with FMI, we are striving to make fleet operations more efficient and affordable for our members.”

FoodFleetXchange’s electronic business platform enables users to streamline their transportation and logistics operations, as well as reduce administrative costs, reformat invoices for easy review and approval, and organize branch and division activities into concise reports.

Current dealer relationships and ordering procedures remain the same. There are no fees to participate, no purchase volumes to guarantee and members can opt out whenever they wish.   

The FoodFleetXchange program also offers an online information service, InfoXchange, which provides users with the latest transportation news and peer product reviews, helping users identify potential problems and simplify the selection of new equipment.

InfoXchange also provides quick and easy links for users to check on everything from fuel prices to up-to-the-minute traffic and weather reports.

To participate in the program, FMI and SFA member company fleet professionals should visit the FMI or SFA Web sites and click on the FoodFleetXchange link. This will connect to the FoodFleetXchange Web site, where they can register and get started.