Washington, D.C., October 15, 2004 — The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announced today it will be adding additional services through the AmeriQuest FoodFleetXchange program. This extension introduces an Asset Services capability designed for FMI’s retail and wholesale members.

Through Asset Services, AmeriQuest is offering FMI members services in four key areas:

  • Fleet Life Cycle Planning: Strategic fleet evaluation based on a company’s business requirements. Following a complete review of a company’s fleet, AmeriQuest utilizes strategic supplier partnerships to identify optimal equipment acquisition costs and lower maintenance requirements that combine for increased residual values.

  • QuestCapital: Customized finance options that maximize cash flow and tax benefits.

  • Fleet Optimization: Maximizing a fleet’s performance through a complete analysis of a company’s routing and scheduling, asset utilization, productivity and customer service, driver compensation, site selection/facility network, transportation costing, and performance measurement.

  • Remarketing Services: Comprehensive fleet disposal planning, marketing, and selling that delivers added value by maximizing sale proceeds while minimizing selling time and expenses.

Specifically, the AmeriQuest program uses aggregated purchasing power and an experienced management team to offer substantial savings on fleet-related equipment and financing/leasing. AmeriQuest program advisors work with companies to identify optimal times to sell and obtain both new and used equipment. They also assist members in securing the best customized financing terms.

"FMI is pleased to join AmeriQuest in offering the Asset Services program to our retail and wholesale members,” said Pat Davis, FMI Director of Strategic Initiatives. “This value-driven program offers incomparably priced services as well as leading edge technology resources for companies seeking to minimize annual capital and fleet operating costs.”

“Fleet planning is important to all FMI members,” adds Jim Guice, Vice President of AmeriQuest Asset Services. “We look forward to working with the members to provide value-added solutions to their fleet asset-related needs.” For additional information about the FoodFleetExchange Asset Services program, please visit https://www.ameriquestcorp.com/asset-services.asp.