BOCA RATON, FL — January 13, 2003 — Recognizing a lifetime of exceptional service to the community, consumers and the retail food industry, Tom Haggai, chairman and CEO, IGA, Inc., received the 2003 Sidney R. Rabb Award from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). FMI Chairman Ron Pearson presented the award today during FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference being held here.

Tom Haggai joined the industry two decades ago and said his goal was not to build supermarkets, but “create community centers.” “Over the years,” Pearson said, “Tom has advanced Sidney Rabb’s legacy of reinventing the supermarket as a consumer-driven institution interwoven into the fabric of communities, and has worked to make these values global.”

In his tribute, Pearson said that Haggai’s values are exemplified by IGA’s support for scholarship programs, the Special Olympics, space camps for kids, plant-a-tree campaigns and numerous other initiatives.

As a CEO, minister, public speaker and writer, Haggai has been a strong supporter of local education, government, religion and social improvement. IGA’s slogan “Hometown Proud” has become a brand in the industry that retailers use to succeed in the marketplace.

Pearson also noted that Haggai is recognized as a champion of independent grocers and for instituting rigorous food safety standards.