WASHINGTON, DC — September 10, 2002 — Expanding recognition of National Food Safety Education Month beyond the U.S., the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announces the release of an international edition of The Invisible Challenge, a video training program that examines critical food safety issues in the international supermarket workplace. The program is designed to facilitate the training and education of food retail associates on the best methods of controlling the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne illness.

With eye-catching graphics and detailed demonstrations, the 30-minute program covers key topical areas: personal health and hygiene; proper temperature and time control; food handling and prevention of cross contamination; and proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. A 20-question quiz follows the last segment. A copy of FMI’s Food Handler’s Pocket Guide for Food Safety is included with the package.

Unlike the previously released domestic versions (available in both English and Spanish languages), the international edition of the video presents critical information using universal standards, including metric measurements. The video also features a new segment on food allergen control and awareness.

“Retail food stores around the world are taking proactive steps to ensure that customers take home the safest food available,” remarked Dr. Jill Hollingsworth, FMI’s vice president of food safety programs. “This new international version of The Invisible Challenge training video communicates universal food safety messages that will help to ensure that supermarket food handlers and managers everywhere serve as vital barriers in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.”

For details about the international edition of The Invisible Challenge video training program, please contact the FMI Store at 202-220-0723 or visit FMI’s Web site www.fmi.org.