WASHINGTON, DC — November 6, 2001 — SureBeam® Corporation today announced a pledge of $250,000 to the FMI Foundation and its Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign. Launched in 1998, the Foundation's food safety program is aimed at protecting the consumer from foodborne illness by supporting research, education and training projects.

“Food safety, quality and wholesomeness are of the highest importance to SureBeam®, and we are very pleased to support the FMI Foundation and its efforts,” said Larry Oberkfell, president and CEO of SureBeam® Corporation.

Based in San Diego, CA, the SureBeam® electron beam system is a new technology that destroys harmful foodborne bacteria such as E.coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and Campylobacter. "As the leading provider of patented electron beam and x-ray systems and services for the food industry," said Oberkfell, "we hope to see these dangerous bacteria significantly reduced in the nation's food system."

The Foundation's Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign encourages the financial participation of food industry companies that want to support the development of food safety programs aimed at consumers as well as in-store associates, such as the Fight BAC! consumer education programs.

“We are very pleased to have an industry innovator like SureBeam® supporting the Foundation," said Tim Hammonds, Foundation President and President and CEO of FMI; "they have a very strong and clear commitment to food safety."

For more information about the Food Marketing Institute Foundation and the Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign, please call FMI at (202) 452-8444 or visit the FMI website at www.fmi.org.