WASHINGTON, DC — July 30, 2001 — Recognizing consumers’ increasing demands for global cuisine, Food Marketing Institute presents its newest food safety handling guide and video for food retailers, Recommendations for the Safe Preparation of Sushi.

“As one of the most common specialty foods in the country, sushi is rapidly gaining popularity on supermarket shelves,” said Jill Hollingsworth, FMI vice president, food safety programs. “This video and manual outline the safe preparation and handling of sushi products within the supermarket setting to ensure presentation of the highest quality product."

The program offers guidelines to food retailers on general requirements for safe handling of sushi products and good retail practices (GRP) in receiving, storing, thawing, displaying and packaging sushi fish. In addition, the manual also offers a basic sushi rice recipe, time and temperature logs, charts on the types of fish that may harbor parasites and histamines, a sample letter of guaranty, a glossary of terms, and a listing of industry resources.

For more information about Recommendations for the Safe Preparation of Sushi($60 for FMI members and $120 for nonmembers) and other food safety training materials, contact FMI Food Safety Programs at (202) 452-8444, or visit the website at www.fmi.org.