WASHINGTON - December 27, 2000 – The first Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Food Safety Programs Resource Book highlights a comprehensive selection of 37 multi-media products to educate food industry associates about food safety concerns. From sanitation and merchandising to vendor qualification and consumer education, the catalog provides food retail executives and store-level employees with authoritative resources to aid in developing effective food safety policies and procedures.

Food handlers and their managers can benefit from the Food Handler's Pocket Guide, which provides everyday, food safety information from personal hygiene to food preparation and dispensing. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code, the guide easily fits in a shirt pocket and is available in Spanish. For teaching food retail associates the best food safety practices in the industry, FMI offers The Invisible Challenge video kit - available in Spanish & English - complete with a trainee quiz, colorful educational posters and the Food Handler's Pocket Guide. A new video, Food Safety Success: Supermarket Application of the Food Code, highlights food safety priorities that ensure customers take home the safest and highest quality foods.

FMI's Food Safety Programs Resource Book also offers three industry manuals that provide guidance in establishing disaster planning, risk communication and food reclamation policies. The Communications Manual is a one-stop guide to all aspects of public relations -- employee, media, community and Congressional relations, and the fine art of crisis communications. The Pre-Emergency Planning & Disaster Recovery Manual complements the Communications Manual by providing guidance of on-site emergencies such as bomb threats or natural disasters. The trilogy of situation management handbooks is complete with the publishing of FMI's Recall Manual.      

The Food Safety Programs Resource Book is a free publication and is available from FMI's Publication and Video Sales by calling (202)220-0723.