WASHINGTON, DC — October 17, 2000 — Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to food safety education, the Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund has announced a pledge of $250,000 to Safeguarding Our Last Link, a consumer education program launched by the Food Marketing Institute Foundation. The contribution lifts donations beyond the Foundation’s initial $10,000,000 goal.

“Kellogg’s has long supported consumer education and we are fully committed to providing food safety information to our consumers,” said Joseph M. Stewart, president, Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund. “The Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign presents an exciting opportunity for manufacturers and food retailers to work together in educating the American public on safe food handling practices.”

“Kellogg’s generous support of the Safeguarding campaign demonstrates that the company can be counted among the leaders in the industry to increase food safety through education,” said FMI President and CEO Tim Hammonds.

Kellogg’s joins other manufacturing and food retailing companies in the Foundation’s mission to educate consumers on proper food handling practices through literature and instructional programs. The Foundation recently awarded its inaugural grant to the Partnership for Food Safety Education, a public-private partnership of industry, government and consumer groups dedicated to reducing the incidence of foodborne illness. The grant will fund a comprehensive food safety education program at schools nationwide.

Teacher-directed and classroom-tested, the program — titled Your Game Plan for Food
— is specially designed to increase awareness about the basic steps of safe food handling among fourth, fifth and sixth grade classrooms. A component of Fight BAC!, a national consumer education campaign led by the Partnership, the program inspires children to discover the science behind food safety and encourages them to learn through experimenting,
investigating and exploring. The contents of the classroom kit feature an engaging video, fun family take-home exercises, and lots of inquiry-based activities and experiments.

For more information about the Food Marketing Institute Foundation and the Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign, call (202) 452-8444 or visit the FMI Web site at www.fmi.org/foundation.