WASHINGTON, DC — September 18, 2000 — Air curtain, price integrity, certification sheet – just a few of the 1,800 food industry terms, acronyms and jargon defined in Language of the Food Industry – Simplified Chinese Version, a new comprehensive reference introduced by Food Marketing Institute (FMI). The guide is FMI’s first translation of its popular Language of the Food Industry – Glossary of Supermarket Terms, released in 1998.

Language is a concise reference tool covering terms associated with operational, financial, marketing, human resource, technology and other food retailing functions. FMI developed the comprehensive guide in response to requests from Chinese retailers and food industry representatives for substantive orientation material that specifically addresses the industry’s unique language. The reference will also appeal to Chinese recruiters, consumer media, and instructors at high schools, colleges and universities with a food marketing/ management program.

“Food industry terminology is universal,” said Elizabeth Battaglia, FMI’s director of international marketing. “Language of the Food Industry – Simplied Chinese Version is an easily accessible resource that defines and explains our industry’s distinct terminology, and it is already a must-have resource for anyone working in the Chinese food retail industry.”

To purchase Language of the Food Industry – Simplified Chinese Version, contact FMI’s publications and video sales department at (202) 452-8444 or click below.