WASHINGTON, DC — September 13, 2000 — For the first time, all of the shopper survey data gathered for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) report, Trends in the United States — Consumer Attitudes & the Supermarket, is available on CD-ROM. Containing 1,600 pages of data, the report is expected to have great appeal to consumer analysts and researchers.

Based on data gathered from a telephone survey of 2,000 shoppers conducted in January 2000, the report presents consumer concerns and shopping behavior in numerous demographic groupings, including region, Internet access, household size and income, age, working women and grocery expenditures. The report also provides detailed profiles of organic and natural food shoppers, and people on medically restricted diets, and consumers who eat outside of the home.

FMI also released the 2000 edition of Food Marketing Industry Speaks — Detailed Tabulations. This annual report features more than 150 pages of information on industry operations, sales, productivity, competition, strategic issues and other topics. Based on surveys of food retailers, wholesalers and other sources, it covers in greater detail the information presented in the summary report.

To order the data reports, contact FMI Publications and Video Sales (202/220-0725) or click below. The price for the Trends 2000 — Detailed Tabulations(CD-ROM) is $500 for FMI members and $2,500 for non-members. For Speaks 2000 — Detailed Tabulations, the price is $45 for members and $115 for non-members; the summary Speaks report is included.