WASHINGTON, DC — June 1, 2000 — Expanding its diverse menu of management training tools, Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announces the releases of Put Me In, Coach, a video-based training program designed to teach store-level managers how to improve performance through coaching. The program is the latest addition to FMI’s instructional library, which now includes a broad range of videos, CD-Roms and books.

“Many retail managers, although talented and experienced, still need instruction and coaching on the “soft skills” of management, particularly in regards to communication,” said Ernie Monschien, FMI’s director of education, training and resource development. “Put Me In, Coach is a comprehensive, structured performance management program that will assist managers in developing the effective human relations skills needed to help associates – and themselves – succeed.”

Put Me In, Coach consists of a 25-minute video and a 24-page facilitator guideline that outlines a training module from one to four hours in length. Using the staff of a fictional supermarket as a focal point, the program emphasizes key performance management elements such as role-playing, reinforcing and corrective feedback, active listening, and methods of creating a personal action plan for coaching an employee through a specific performance problem. The program continually emphasizes using the supportive nature of coaching to attain business goals.

Designed for training managers, human resources administrators and independent operators, the program can be conducted as a stand-alone training exercise, or it can be incorporated into an existing management training program.

Associates that will benefit from the
program include store-level department managers, store managers and assistant managers, district managers, operations directors and others who supervise store-level personnel. To order a copy of the Put Me In, Coach program ($195.00 FMI members, $395.00 non-members), or for more information, please contact FMI publication sales (202/452-8444) or click below: