WASHINGTON, DC - April 6, 2000 - Food Marketing Institute Foundation (FMIF) announces the appointment of Lars Peterson to the position of director. He succeeds Sean O'Connor.

Peterson will direct the Foundation's program and fundraising efforts, which to date have generated commitments of over $9.8 million toward the initial goal of $10 million. He will also direct activities associated with the Foundation¡¦s Safeguarding Our Last Link campaign, a comprehensive consumer food safety education program, and he will represent the Foundation¡¦s interest in and support of Fight BAC!„§, a collection of industry-wide safe food handling programs designed for both consumers and food retail associates.

In addition to generating more support for the Foundation, Peterson will organize initiatives to increase exposure for the Foundation and its supporters.

Peterson formerly served as FMI's Director of Membership Legislative Involvement. He also served as Senior Government Relations Representative, where he worked on a wide range of legislative issues. Before joining FMI in 1981, Peterson served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. He is a graduate of Harvard College.

For more information about the FMI Foundation, call the campaign office (202-220-0617) or visit the Web site (www.fmi.org/foundation).
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Founded in 1996, the Food Marketing Institute Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation affiliated with the Food Marketing Institute. The Foundation seeks to ensure quality and efficiency in the food system and is operated for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is a nonprofit association conducting programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on behalf of its 1,500 members including their subsidiaries food retailers and wholesalers and their customers in the United States and around the world. FMI's domestic member companies operate approximately 21,000 retail food stores with a combined annual sales volume of $300 billion, more than three quarters of all grocery store sales in the United States. FMI's retail membership is composed of large multi-store chains, small regional firms and independent supermarkets. Its international membership includes 200 members from 60 countries.