WASHINGTON, DC — July 30, 1999 — The chairman of the Americans Against Unfair Family Taxation (AAUFT) and president and CEO of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Tim Hammonds, applauded Presidential Candidate and Texas Governor George Bush for his support of estate tax elimination. When reporters asked Bush, in Iowa last week, whether he would sign the House-passed tax bill, he replied, “I would, because it is important to cut [tax] rates to keep the economy growing. It is important to get rid of death taxes so people can pass businesses and farms from one generation to the next.”

“Governor Bush understands that the American dream should not have to end in one generation,” Hammonds said. “Repealing the current estate tax is the single most important act that Congress and the President can take to help local businesses and farms stay in the hands of the families that built them.”

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