June 4, 2013 - ARLINGTON, VA – Encouraged by the efforts of the White House to issue a series of executive orders and propose legislative recommendations that will further protect businesses from Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), Food Marketing Institute (FMI) released the following statement from FMI Regulatory Counsel Erik Lieberman: 

“The grocery industry applauds the Administration’s efforts to increase transparency in the patent system and increase protections for entrepreneurs from PAEs, a.k.a. patent trolls. It is our hope that these measures will serve to reduce the tens of billions of dollars trolls cost our economy every year and free up these resources to be used for innovation and job creation. 

“Patent trolls pose an increasing threat to supermarket retailers and we are heartened that the President is taking major steps to address the enormous burden they are imposing on businesses, and ultimately, consumers.”

The White House fact sheet can be accessed here.