Early Alert Transparent (002)FMI members now have access to discounted packages for Meteorology and All-Hazard Emergency Management solutions offered by Early Alert.  Early Alert supports Retailers, Wholesalers, Suppliers and Distribution Centers around the globe…


Early Alert is a team of Emergency Managers, Meteorologist, Military Veterans and retired Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement, all boots on the ground supporting the private and public sectors. The Early Alert team acts as an extension of their clients Asset Protection, Crisis Management, Risk and Supply Chain teams by providing all hazard critical event management solutions for each clients unique locations and supply chain to help reduce risk and operationalize processes.

During Hurricanes, Wild fires, Snowstorms, Tornado’s, Power Outages, Active Shooters, Coronavirus and Civil Unrest to name a few incidents, our Meteorologist and Emergency Management teams are busy (on and off site) supporting customers around the globe with all-hazard disruptions. While client’s all have internal full-time business continuity/crisis management/disaster recovery team members, global command centers and other 3rd party partners, they did lean on Early Alert to supplement their teams with situational awareness reports (hurricane tracking, weather forecast, emergency declarations, protective actions, road closures/transportation disruptions, water boil orders, etc.), Executive Briefings, Incident Management Support, training, all hazard emergency management consulting services and much more.  

Early Alert’s CEMP (Comprehensive Emergency Management Program):

  1. Situational Awareness and Critical Decision Support:  Weather and all hazard threat assessments, alerting, globally (access to our Meteorologist and Emergency Managers to participate during your Executive Briefings if desired)
  2. Incident Management Services:  Boots on the ground support into the field and/or into your Emergency Operation Center to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate threats
  3. Continuity Services:  Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning, Training, Tabletop exercises, address sustainability and anticipated continuity challenges; and access to the EA Alliance Network (i.e. fuel, basecamps)
  4. Risk Dashboard: GIS Common Operating Picture with risk thresholds and many other features tailored for each client’s unique business model

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