Shopping For Health 2012 Webinar

Thursday, November 8, 2012 (1pm - 2pm US/Eastern)

The research described in the webinar examines shoppers’ interest and attitudes, as well as in-store activities, regarding health and nutritional concerns and the ways in which these play out in purchase decisions at the grocery store.

The report measures and tracks:

  • The extent to which primary shoppers are attempting to maintain good personal health

  • The healthfulness of shoppers’ diets and what’s driving the move toward health maintenance in-store

  • Shoppers’ various attitudes and activities around planning meals for family and children

  • Locally grown/ natural/ organics’ influence on a household’s primary shopper

  • Shoppers who consider their food intake successful and are satisfied with their health and weight

  • How shoppers plan to achieve healthy eating in terms of media, technology and apps

Join us as Cary Silvers of Rodale, Inc. and Cathy Polley of FMI present the latest findings. Register above by clicking "Register Now."

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