Retail Canned Tuna Forum: Results of Survey and Introduction to the Forum Webinar

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (1pm - 2pm US/Eastern)

The canned tuna aisle has become an area of increasing concern for North American retailers. Media exposés and advocacy campaigns have shined a spotlight on the environmental impacts and human rights and labor risks in global tuna supply chains.

Facing these pressures, a number of FMI retail members have expressed a keen interest in participating in a pre-competitive dialogue to begin addressing critical sustainability challenges. In late July 2018, a short survey was circulated to potential members of a “Retail Canned Tuna Forum” to determine the key areas of interest and concern in canned tuna.

Join Tom Pickerell & Kathryn Novak from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, and Elsie Tanadjaja & Kathleen Mullen-Ley from FishWise to explore the results of the survey, along with proposed dates for an in-person meeting of the Retail Canned Tuna Forum.