Shopper Centric Retailing Organizational Realignment The Key to Success

Thursday, May 18, 2017 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)

In order for Shopper-Centric Retailing to become a reality, changes will be required. Retailers will need to change the structure of the category management teams, merchandising support will need to be consolidated to create the required synergy, Store Operation changes will be required at the headquarter and store level. In addition, suppliers will have to change how they organize their category management, shopper insights and shopper marketing teams in order to support this new business model. This webinar will discuss the desired end-state and the rationale for these changes.

Topics to be discussed will include:
• Organizational realignment to a shopper solutions/shopping experience focus
• Importance of breaking down functional silos
• Rationale for consolidating merchandising support
• Realigning the relationship between Merchandising and Store Operations
• Restructuring the store to support execution and provide “local input”
• Required changes suppliers must make to support Shopper Solutions Planning
• Importance of upgrading information sharing between the retailer and supplier

Win Weber, CEO of Winston Weber & Associates and Jean-Michel Fally, Deloitte Consulting Retail Leader, will lead this discussion.