Power of Private Brands: Understanding Disruption

Thursday, April 20, 2017 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)
FMI Webinar

Anyone trying to understand private brand trends needs to first comprehend consumer trends. Retailers and manufacturers spend countless hours trying to understand disruptive consumer behavior, but often they donít get a full understanding of whatís driving shoppers. Thatís because consumer behavior is a moving target, and findings depend on which groups of consumers are being analyzed and which research methodology is used.

Given these challenges, The FMI Private Brands Council took a multi-tiered approach by fielding two pieces of consumer research and exploring a wide range of consumer segments. The findings illuminate consumer motivations and make an important contribution to the overall results of this Power of Private Brands research.

This webcast will provide insight and analysis from the FROM THE CONSUMER chapter of The Power of Private Brands, including:

- The pervasive nature of private brands in U.S. households

- Why millennials are embracing private brands and why theyíre more likely to be heavy buyers

- In which categories the best store brand quality perceptions exist

- Quality perceptions of specific categories do not vary much by generation, but OTC healthcare is an

- How consumer usage of social media platforms varies by age and how millennials seek out store
apps when looking for advertised specials

- How heavy buyers of private brand use social media to seek recipes and look for deals

- The effect of traditional grocery private brand commanding fewer social mentions than those of mass,
club or other channels.


Heath Osburn
Director Private Brands

Mark McKeown
Client Insights Principal
IRI Inc.

Kevin Francella
Brand Director
Store Brands

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