Power of Private Brands: Bringing Scale to Personalization

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)
FMI Webinar

Global retail’s pace of change is unprecedented. The past is no longer a predictor of the future. Retailing fundamentals are being redefined. We are witnessing the transition from shopper to marketer, transaction to lifestyle, pharmacy to grocery Rx, convenient to on-demand.

It’s more important than ever to track global retail trends because they increasingly ignore country boundaries. Consumers are impacted by “borderless retail,” including the influence of social media. This is true across retailing, not just on the food side.

Demand is fragmenting. The conventions around “categories” are being abandoned--whether it’s how we define product groups, shopper segments or even types of retail formats. Demography is dead. Digital is in the driver’s seat, literally. The playbook is being rewritten in real time.

These are all daunting ideas, with tremendous implications across retailer and manufacturer organizations. However, private brand is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges. A committed retailer that is in-tune with its shopper and trading area can create scale with market-specific and personalized solutions that broad distribution CPG brands cannot replicate.

This webcast will provide insight and analysis from the FROM THE WORLD chapter of the The Power of Private Brands, including:

- Why it’s more important than ever to track global retail trends
- The five key macro forces that are influencing retailers around the world
- Why private brand continues to be a vital pillar for retailers around the world
- How retailers have an opportunity to create more personal and distinct connections with their own
brands, and how private brand worldwide is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this
- How retailers are responding to consumers who are more empowered and less willing to settle
- What retailers can do to create more attractive destinations to overcome retail fatigue and drive
- How new data streams are reshaping how consumers meet their wellness needs and what
opportunities this offers to retailers
- How convenience is a moving target and why staying relevant in this area is important.

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