Power of Private Brands: New Partner Perspectives

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)
FMI Webinar

Retailers and manufacturers are counting on private brand more than ever, so how can the industry make sure this strategy is delivering?

Retailers look to private brand as a major means of building competitive advantage, according to recent data from the Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2016 report.

However, retailers say the industry should still work to further improve the success of this strategy, according to the same research.

FMIís Private Brands Council sought to explore in more detail where efforts are meeting expectations and where they arenít, among other topics. It also wanted to take a deep dive into how to improve manufacturer and retailer joint efforts in private brand. Other important areas for exploration were biggest threats, promotion vehicles, goal setting, and importance versus performance in a range of key areas.

This webcast will provide insight and analysis from the FROM THE INDUSTRY chapter of The Power of Private Brands, including:

- The opportunity to raise the performance in the use of store brands as an important retail competitive tool
- The industry views private brandís main role as loyalty builder, which overshadows other benefits such as
margin builder and leveraging national brands
- Why product customization is the biggest opportunity for private brand growth
- What the industry views as the biggest threat to private brand growth
- Why retailers need to do a better job of using newer digital platforms for promotions
- How the industry feels private brands performance can be raised to match importance in some crucial
- How and why retailer and manufacturer trading partners view priorities differently.

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