SQF Training Course - Implementing SQF 2000 Systems - Shanghai

Friday, April 25 - Saturday, April 26, 2008
TUV Sud China (Shanghai Office)
No. 88 Heng Tong Road
Shanghai 200 070

The objective of these courses is to provide a common approach to implementing SQF Systems. Upon completion, you will have a full understanding of the SQF program and meet the SQF training requirements to be designated as an SQF Practitioner. An understanding of the application of HACCP principles is mandatory for anyone attending this course.

IM-1 Introduction & Overview of the Course
IM-2 About Quality, Customers and the Cost of Quality
IM-3 The SQF Codes
IM-4 The SQF 2000 Code
IM-5 SQF 2000 Code Property Location, Building/Plant & Equipment Design and Construction
IM-6 SQF 2000 Code Pre-requisite Programs
IM-7 The SQF 2000 Food Safety Plan
IM-8 The SQF 2000 Food Quality Plan
IM-9 Implementing and Maintaining Your SQF System
IM-10 Auditing an SQF System an Overview

Classes start at 8.30 a.m. each day and end at 5.30 p.m.

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The SQF systems training course fee is $500.00 per attendee.


For general questions about SQF meetings, workshops or training, please email Amanda Bond-Thorley or call 202-220-0606. For questions about auditor or consultant registration, please email Margot Hall-Gurne or call 202-220-0810.

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SQF 2000 Course Shanghai $500.00  

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TUV Sud China (Shanghai Office)
No. 88 Heng Tong Road
Shanghai 200 070
P.R. China

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