The Voice of the Shopper: Discovering Insights thru Collaboration Webinar-January 15, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015 (1pm - 2pm US/Eastern)

This webinar addresses two of the most desired outcomes for retail and CPG trading partners, a more productive collaborative relationship and the development of actionable insights that drive business. The session reveals a new tool developed by the Category Management Association (CMA) called The Voice of the Shopper. This tool offers a process and a taxonomy for creating, capturing, sharing and building insights from the shopper data of both trading partners. Specifically, the tool enables continuous sharing of complementary data between trading partners. By sharing their unique data continuously in a structured tool environment, the Voice of the Shopper enables trading partners to build a more productive relationship.

Key Learning Objectives
understand how a new tool can help retailers and manufacturers generate insights

learn how this tool can create the foundation for a more productive insight developing relationship

explain how the tool works to help create, capture, store, share and evaluate data for mutual benefit

Key Outcomes
better understanding of shopper
better insights
better manufacturer/retailer relationship

The CMA will build and populate the tool in a category for two retailers and the vendor trading partners selected by the retailer. These trading partners will then report on their results to the industry through the FMI.

Who Should Attend:

From Retailers:
Director of Shopper insights
Director of Marketing
Director of category management
Director of sales/merchandising
VP's from any of the above functions

From Manufacturers
Sales manager
Director of Insights/research
Director of category management
Director of category development
VP's in any of the above functions

Sponsors and Sponsorship Information:

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