Sustainability Pre-Summit Webinar- Where's the Green?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 (1pm - 2pm US/Eastern)
FMI Webinar
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Sustainability Pre-Summit Webinar: Where's The Green?

How can retailers and manufacturers close the gap between what consumers say and what they do when it comes to sustainability? This insightful webinar will show you an actionable way to think about the path that grocery shoppers are on today and how to meet them where they are headed. Linda Gilbert, CEO for EcoFocus, will share new research on grocery shoppers and their eco-expectations and actions when shopping the grocery aisle to show what you can do to put more green products into shopper’s hands – and add more green $$$ to the bottom line.
You’ll see:

• Who are the most eco-friendly grocery chains and why

• Which eco-friendly actions shoppers consider to be most positive and desirable

•How you can help remove the barriers to change for shoppers

We’ll discuss:
• Your biggest frustration or greatest solution to closing the gap between what shoppers say and what they do.

This webinar will give attendees a preview of the interactive EcoFocus workshop Five Ways to Find More Green ($$$) in the Grocery Aisle at the 2013 Global Sustainability Summit. Linda Gilbert is founder/ former president of HealthFocus International and founder/current CEO for EcoFocus Worldwide, the source of the annual EcoFocus Consumer Survey of 4,200 U.S. consumers, covering 33 grocery retail chains. EcoFocus specializes in consumer markets for wellness and sustainability providing syndicated and custom market research with subject expert consultation to clients who are seizing the opportunity – and the challenge – that sustainability offers.
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