Private Brands

Private Brands at FMI is a platform in which manufacturers, retailers and sales agencies can work together to strengthen this growing part of the retail industry. Whether you are just beginning to explore Private Brands processes or are looking to strengthen your program or brands, FMI provides the unique opportunity for collaboration and engagement between retailer trading partner and supplier.

For questions or more information, please contact FMI’s Vice President of Private Brands, Doug Baker.
  • Private Brand Strategies 2015

    In 2014, FMI Private Brands Council conducted an extensive research study to identify the distinctions between Grocery Retailers experiencing Store Brands growth versus those with Store Brand sales that are flat or are in decline. While the study was thorough and extremely informative, it did not include the voice of the private brand manufacturer. So the FMI Private Brands Council decided to conduct a research study in 2015 to gain an understanding of the private brand manufacturers' perspective in regards to Store Brands best practices. - View More
  • Engaging In Collaborative Business Relationships

    There are three overall goals for the content of this report including investigate the current levels of business collaboration between Retailers/Distributors and Private Brand Suppliers; uncover the specific approaches to Private Brand collaboration and highlight successes or gaps versus global approaches or versus successful approaches used by Retailers and National Brands; and propose additional work steps and tasks required of both parties to drive collaborative business planning in Private Brands and drive more sales.
  • SafeMark Food Safety Fundamentals - Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation - (3rd Ed.)

    SafeMark Food Safety Fundamentals (Fundamentals) is the food safety training book for anyone who prepares, serves or sells food. The book has been completely updated to incorporate recommendations from the 2013 FDA Food Code and features new graphics, images and a new design. Fundamentals provides training for managers, supervisors and any individual assigned to perform the 'person-in-charge' role for ALL types of food establishments. This book incorporates the best food safety and sanitation practices for the overall food industry. It is filled with foodservice and retail industry photos and easy-to-read charts. Fundamentals prepares food managers to successfully complete the companion nationally certified exam provided by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. Choose SafeMark Food Safety Fundamentals and enhance your training program today!
  • Digital Grocery Commerce: Consumer Perspectives on Grocery Apps and Digital Trust: Retailer Opportunities for Maximizing Differentiation and Success

    An exploding era of internet activity continues to advance grocery shopping app opportunities which provide consumer personalization, convenience, and economic advantage. As this commercial intimacy increases, the consumer’s perception of the balance between digital trust and digital risk is increasingly critical. Developed under the Gerald E. Peck Fellowship with Saint Joseph's University and authored by Nancy Childs, Ph.D, Gerald E. Peck Fellow, this report is the final report in a series of three studies and analyzes the current digital grocery landscape including shopper behavior, smartphone penetration/use and grocery app awareness, usage and barriers to use.
  • 2015 Year in Review: Top Stories across Asset Protection, Private Brands and Supply Chain

    Dec 31, 2015
    2015 Year in Review Technology in the Aisles Total Store Collaboration is a strategic pillar at FMI and is directed at helping members compete for share of stomach, share of wallet, share of talent, and share of capital. It’s befitting that stories related to asset protection, private brands and supply chain ranked as the most popular Total Store Collaboration blogs in 2015, offering perspective on the latest trends and ways to improve store operations.
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  • Private Brands Leaders on the Issues

    Nov 18, 2015
    Private Brands LeadershipI’ve been lucky to work with some true leaders in the private brands space during my time at FMI. Since FMI starting the Private Brand Leadership Council, I’ve been honored to have Ricardo Alvarez, who has been a president and CEO for several private brands companies during his career, serving on the Council and in the role of co-chair for three years. As Alvarez steps down from his leadership role, I’m excited to work with Neil Ritchey, vice president for sales and marketing with Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc., as our new co-chair. I took some time to chat with both gentlemen to get their views on issues facing the grocery private brands community.
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  • Playing Supermarket Myth Whack-A-Mole

    Oct 30, 2015
    Whack-a-moleThe rationale behind the myth busting web page is to provide our members with resources to confront the misperception being perpetuated every time they hear or see it, so we don’t have to play whack-a-mole on an ongoing basis. If we challenge the myths with facts, we lesson the likelihood of repetition.  Also, because most myths have a glimmer of truth about them, if we provide a balanced response perhaps it will highlight the facts, inform the public and address an issue rather than distort it.
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