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FMI’s state government relations department provides FMI member companies and state association executives with support to manage the wide range of state public policy challenges that impact the food industry.  FMI's state staff provides resources and information, hosts a series of informative regional meetings and helps build broad industry coalitions to mobilize members and other key players to respond to state and local policy initiatives of importance to our members. FMI also engages in grassroots activity to give our members the opportunity to participate in the legislative process.

State Affairs Updates

  • Governors Outline Their Budget Priorities in "State of the State" Addresses

    Mar 09, 2017
    Map of USAWith President Donald J. Trump’s recent address to a Joint Session of Congress, there is no better time to highlight the similar speeches occurring across the states. With the exceptions of Louisiana and Ohio, whose governors will address their constituents later in the year, 48 governors have laid out their budget plans either through a “State of the State” speech or simply a “Budget” address. These speeches offer a glimpse into the Governors’ priorities for the legislative session.
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  • FMI State Issues Report - February 16, 2017

    Feb 21, 2017

    In this edition:

    • Legislative Deadlines Approach
    • Illinois Legislator Asks State to Drink its way out of Budget Woes
    • Philly Law on Wage Equity Countered by State Legislature 
    • Gov. Cuomo Signs NYC Plastic Bag Moratorium 
    • Virginia Takes Aim at Local Meals Tax Referendums
    • Grocery Industry Launches New Initiative to Reduce Consumer Confusion on Product Date Labels
    • SNAP Photo ID and Weights and Measures Updated Issue Papers
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State Issues Resources

2017 State Legislative Outlook

To help our members prepare for the upcoming legislative session, FMI releases the State Legislative Outlook every January. This annual report examines the issues our industry expects to confront during the upcoming legislative session on a state-by-state basis. Additionally, it analyzes the previous November’s election results for each state – and the potential consequences of those results. New this year was the addition of local information, where it was available. To compile this comprehensive document, FMI collaborates with the state grocery and retail associations, as well as FMI member government relations professionals. FMI holds four Regional Legislative Meetings around the country where legislative information and strategy is shared and, subsequently, added into the State Legislative Outlook.

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State 2016 Ballot Measure Guide for the Grocery Industry

This document is a compilation of certified state ballot initiatives salient to the grocery industry, appearing on the November 2016 general election ballot. 

The Impact of Changes in Off-Premises License Allocations in Massachusetts and The Implications for New Jersey

An FMI study finds that of the 50 liquor licenses (out of more than 2,800) granted to holders who already held three licenses in Massachusetts, just 32 percent (16) were for supermarkets. The rest were wholesale clubs, c-stores, package stores, or discount stores. Based on the success of the Massachusetts law, the study finds, New Jersey should enact legislation to increase the amount of liquor licenses that are currently allocated. This will allow for more equity in the marketplace and reduce barriers for new businesses. 

The FMI Wine Study: The Economic Impact of Allowing Shoppers to Purchase Wine in Food Stores

FMI has compiled research on the economic impact of allowing wine to be sold in food stores. The time has come for states to remove barriers and enable food retailers to create more jobs in local communities, help consumers reduce their daily travel needs, and provide new sources of revenues for overburdened state and local budgets.  

Additional State Affairs Resources

Dan Shaul, Missouri Grocers Association

Congratulations to our 2016 Donald H. MacManus Award winner, Dan Shaul of the Missouri Grocers Association.

Please check out the FMI news release for more information.   

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