Government Affairs

Priority Issues

FMI is actively engaged on a range of priority legislative and regulatory policy items that could significantly impact the business operations of our food retailer and wholesaler member companies.

Federal Legislative Issues
  • Affordable Care Act Amendments
  • Data Security/Privacy
  • Swipe Fee Reform
  • Tax Reform (LIFO, Effective Tax Rates, Corporate/Pass Through Reform, Estate Tax)
  • Menu Labeling
  • GMO Labeling
  • Tax Extenders
  • Minimum Wage with no CPI Adjustment
  • SNAP: Benefits Issuance / Food Policy
  • WIC
  • Country of Origin Labeling (Compliance with WTO)
  • Regulatory Issues
  • ACA/Health Care Reform Implementation
  • National Labor Relations Board Enforcement/Regulations
  • GMO Labeling
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Implementation
  • Menu Labeling
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • SNAP Food Policy
  • Food Marketing Claims Enforcement/Regulations
  • Climate Action Plan and Hydrofluorocarbons/Phase-out of Refrigerants
  • Overtime Proposed Rulemaking
  • State Issues
  • Alcohol
  • Environmental (ex: plastic / paper bags)
  • SNAP & WIC, including EBT
  • Taxes, including E-fairness
  • Weights and Measures