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FMI offers multiple initiatives and opportunities for collaboration among food retailing industry professionals in the area of technology. This includes an all company approach as it relates to mobility, payments, data security, cloud computing, in-store innovation and social commerce. With work through our Technology Leadership Board and other working committees, FMI facilitates networking, surveys, benchmarking, research studies and other collaborative projects that help move the industry forward and support members in their efforts.



 Cyber Security Information

The retail industry has become a top target for Cyber Criminals due to the large amount of payment cards used in the industry.  The majority of the data targeted by these criminals comes from customer records, such as, payment card data, personal identifiable information and email addresses.  

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Leadership & Participation

The FMI Technology Leadership Board will lead and advise the FMI board and members on the technology to support and advance the retail food industry. By providing business technology strategy though communication and continuous education, coordinating and recommending technology topics for FMI sanctioned research, and providing clear direction on technology solutions that will effect process change in all aspects of our retailing business, this group will share insights into future technologies and business practices that could impact or benefit the industry.




FMI Connect

  • 2014 Show - FMI will be returning to Chicago for the 2014 Annual Show at McCormick Place, June 10-13,2014

Technology Leadership Summit