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Welcome to FMI’s Center for Retail Health & Wellness!  Discover how we can help you maximize opportunities throughout your store to improve shopper loyalty via your health and wellness offerings and programs. The center provides leadership, advocacy, news, research, a reference center, a tool kit, an implementation guide and this on-line resource to enhance, expand and evaluate your health and wellness initiatives. FMI also hosts committees and a conference to facilitate networking, learning and discussion to drive innovation in all things Health and Wellness.

         Now Available: Shopping For Health 2013. The 21st annual study by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Prevention, published by Rodale, examines shopper' interests and attitudes regarding health and nutrition, consumers' efforts to manage theri health, and the ways in which health and nutritional concerns play out in purchase decisions at the grocery store. View more.

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Consumers are increasingly driven by nutrition when shopping for food, according to FMI's Shopping for Health 2012. A sampling of the data reflecting nutrition-driven behaviors is shown here

FMI and Prevention Magazine have released the 20th Annual

Shopping for Health Report!

Datapoints courtesy of Supermarket News

Explore these homes of information and resources about important topics that address health, nutrition, pharmacy, wellness promotion, education and much more.