FMI plays a lead role in engaging with the federal regulatory agencies throughout the rulemaking process to ensure that new regulations are not overly burdensome to our members’ businesses.  We communicate changes in a regulatory update to make sure our members are not caught off guard and out of compliance. FMI’s regulatory work operates alongside our legislative efforts as we often enlist the support of lawmakers during the regulatory process to ensure that the agencies correctly follow congressional intent.

FMI Comments Filed

FMI regularly submits industry comments as the regulatory agencies implement potential new rulemakings. Our Comments Field page houses all comments sbumitted by FMI since 2000. Search Comments Filed

Regulatory Resources

  • Regulatory Outlook

    FMI compiled a list of recent and pending rulemakings that could have an impact on the industry (as of February 2017) | FMI Regulatory Outlook
  • FSIS Final Rule Record Keeping for Retail Stores that Grind Raw Beef Products

    This presentation from FMI's Regulatory Team outlines the USDA FSIS Final Rule for Record Keeping for Retail Stores that Grind Raw Beef Products and what the changes mean for food retailers. Download Full Presentation
  • Hazardous Waste and Refrigerant Management Guide for the Retail Sector

    Compliance with environmental laws has been an increasing concern for the retail
    sector as a result of recent enforcement actions at the federal, state, and local
    level with respect to regulatory requirements for hazardous waste and refrigerants
    under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (“RCRA”) and Clean Air Act
    (“CAA”), respectively. Given the complexities and costs associated with complying with these laws,the FMI has developed this overview to assist retailers with achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. Full Report
  • Federal Regulatory Process: Making an Impact

    The federal regulatory process can be difficult to navigate and confusing at times. FMI's Regulatory Team breaks down the federal regulatory process with examples that impact the food retail industry and provides insight into how food retails can impact the process.