FMI's Leadership

In accordance with the bylaws, FMI's directors are selected to represent the entire membership by size and type of business geographical location.

FMI Board of Directors

The objective of the FMI Board is to promote and carry out the objectives and purposes of FMI, as set forth in the Mission, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation; to represent the total and varied membership of FMI; to establish major policies for FMI; to demonstrate a model of an active, participative and sharing membership; to appoint the president; and to provide industry leadership. Learn More

FMI Committees

FMI depends on active member involvement through committees to provide leadership and guidance to the professional staff. The committees set goals for FMI's programs in government relations, food safety, public and consumer information, research, education and industry cooperation. They also determine the Institute's position on federal and state government issues. The committees make sure all of FMI's policies and programs meet member needs and are instrumental to the Institute's overall operations.

The functions of the committees are as diverse as the industry, but they all need active involvement from the general membership. In return, committee members develop both personal and working relationships with other FMI members. Learn More