Food Safety Resources

The following resources are developed by he FMI Center for Retail Food Safety and Defense and tailored specifically to FMI food retail members, offering a one-stop shop for food safety. 

Food Safety Resources & Best Practice Guides

  • Retail Allergen Resource Document

    The Retail Allergen Resource Document is intended to address food allergens with store brand products, in-store practices and procedures, employee and customer awareness and engagement. The document represents a collaborative effort. It was developed by food safety professionals from the grocery industry, and was reviewed by individuals from academia as well as state and federal regulatory agencies. This document provides insight, resources and information on food allergen management at retail. This resource document will be updated on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness and relevancy. Full Report

  • Listeria Action Plan for Retailers

    Food safety professionals from FMI’s Food Protection Committee have expanded upon the advice and recommendations of our 2012 Listeria Action Plan for Retail Delis to include additional recommendations in this document in order to assist retailers in developing food safety plans to help control the growth of Listeria, beyond the deli. Full Report

  • Ground Beef Resource Document

    Maintaining records on meat ground at retail has remained both an issue of concern by regulators, as well as a challenge for some retailers, recent food safety recalls and field inspection activities have raised the issue for more immediate action. This document reviews the basic regulatory requirements for record keeping of ground meat for retail stores and best practices. Click Here to Access the Resource Document

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  • Food Allergen Poster

    This customizable poster can be used to educate food retail attendees about allergens so they can better inform shoppers. Available in English and Spanish.  
  • Produce Guidance Document

    The Produce Safety Best Practices Guide for Retailers, developed by FMI’s Produce Work Group and co-branded with industry partners Produce Marketing Association and United Fresh Produce Association is now available. The step-based program will serve as a tool for both food safety and non-food safety retail employees focusing on building existing food safety programs.  View the Produce Safety Best Practices Guide.

  • Hepatitis A Information Guide

    The FMI Hepatitis A Information Guide offers a practical, concise guide on Hepatitis A for retailers. This Guide will answer food retailer concerns in regards to food safety and consumer and employee risk. Included in the Guide is a checklist of actions to take, from notifying the Health Department to undertaking vaccination programs. Full Report
  • Listeria Action Plan for Retail Delis

    Food safety experts from FMI’s Food Protection Committee have identified two core items that all retailers should be focusing on to minimize the impact of Listeria at retail, and an additional five areas in which there is an opportunity to modify current practices or use advanced programs or technologies to control the growth of Listeria. Full Report
  • Seafood HACCP Regulations Summary - Retail Product Warehousing and Transit Controls

    This information is provided as guidance to retail operations in assessing and adjusting their current seafood safety controls as mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the respective state-based authorities. This guidance is based on the most recent recommendations published by FDA in the fourth edition of the Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance (FDA Guidance) issued in April 2011. Full Report

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  • Guidance for Retailers: Product Recalls

    Product recalls are the last step in the supply chain to remove potentially harmful products from commerce, and may include requesting consumers return recalled products to the retail store. There are endless reasons for product recalls and they are always highly stressful situations. The best way to deal with recalls is to be prepared with clear and transparent policies and procedures that employees at all levels can use for any recall situation. This guidance document can be modified and personalized for your company. Recall procedures, regulatory requirements, resources, and sample forms are included for your use. Full Report
  • Norovirus Information Guide

    This guidance was created to assist the retail food industry in preparing for and effectively handling the cleaning and disinfection of a potential norovirus incident directly associated with vomitus and/or fecal materials. Full Report