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SafeMark is the comprehensive food safety training program for the retail food industry.  In the business of food safety, the best protection is prevention, and it begins with the right training program.

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New SafeMark Training Programs updated to the 2013 Food Code

SafeMark is partnering with Alchemy to provide an interactive online food safety training for both Food Handlers and Managers.  The updated programs will include enhanced graphics images, optional customization, and will prepare users for certification.



An all-inclusive training for managers, supervisors and food handlers.  Training materials are available in various formats including print, online and CD-ROM.

Manager Training:
View sample pages in Guide to Food Safety 
(English) (Español)

Updated to 2009 FDA Food Code

Food Handler Training:
Quick Reference Guide (English) (Español)

Updated to 2009 FDA Food Code

Learn more about SafeMark for Supermarkets


A training alternative designed to prepare food establishment managers and supervisors for the nationally recognized food manager certification examination.

View sample pages from Food Safety Fundamentals
Updated to 2009 FDA Food Code

Learn more about SafeMark for Food Establishments


A convenient way to conduct food safety training with online programs developed in partnership with LearnSomething, Inc using the 2009 FDA Food Code.

Guide to Food Safety Online Training Program Updated to 2009 FDA Food Code
Available in English & Spanish

Quick Reference Online Training Program Updated to 2009 FDA Food Code
Available in English & Spanish

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The updated SafeMark online training is being developed in partnership with Alchemy using the 2013 FDA Food Code and will be launched in Summer 2014.  If you have any questions, contact Gwen Lee.


The SafeMark certification exam is available in both print and online through the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.  If you would like to take the SafeMark Food Protection Manager Exam or have any questions, please contact Gwen Lee at 202-220-0661.

Become a SafeMark Exam Administrator & Proctor with the National Registry

The Test Administrator and Proctor is responsible for ordering examinations, making sure examinations are kept in a secure location, checking the IDs of each examinee administering the examination in an appropriate setting, and returning the examinations and completed answer sheets to National Registry for scoring.
Additional information about becoming a test administrator and proctor.

SafeMark Publications

SafeMark publications can be ordered directly from the FMI Store -- or contact the FMI Publication Sales office at 202-220-0723.

Regulatory Information

See a map of state regulations here