Anatomy of a RecallA food recall can happen to anyone. The goal of a recall is to remove a food product from commerce whenthere is reason to believe it may be adulterated (injurious to health or unfit for human consumption) or misbranded (false or misleading labeling and/or packaging). Managing a recall successfully depends on how well prepared you are — having current information and understanding recall policies are critical.

 FMI Crisis Support

FMI staff are available to FMI members 24/7 for guidance in the event of a recall, food safety emergency, or other security and loss prevention issues. Contact Information for 24 Hour Crisis Notification and Support.

Guidance for Retailers: Product Recalls

Product recalls are the last step in the supply chain to remove potentially harmful products from commerce, and may include requesting consumers return recalled products to the retail store. There are endless reasons for product recalls and they are always highly stressful situations. The best way to deal with recalls is to be prepared with clear and transparent policies and procedures that employees at all levels can use for any recall situation. This guidance document can be modified and personalized for your company. Recall procedures, regulatory requirements, resources, and sample forms are included for your use. Full Report


Rapid Recall Exchange has become Rapid Recall Express, a fillable standardized form. There is no subscription to use Rapid Recall Express. In the event of a product recall or market withdrawal, communicate directly to trading partners of your choosing.

Rapid Recall Express Benefits


Get comprehensive information you need to quickly remove the affected product from your shelves

Receive recall or withdrawal information directly from your trading partner

Suppliers and Distributors

Quickly complete the form with relevant recall or withdrawal information

Notify any trading partner of your choosing

Solution Providers
Assisting in the recall or withdrawal execution activities

Have confidence you are viewing the same accurate information as the company experiencing the recall or withdraw 

Download this flyer to read more about the change to Rapid Recall Express. To download the fillable Rapid Recall Express Form, visit For additional questions, contact FMI

Blog Post About Recalls

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    Feb 09, 2017
    FSI 17In late January, food safety professionals from FMI retail and wholesale member companies gathered in Scottsdale, AZ to discuss the 2017 food safety initiatives. The priority initiatives typically mirror the top issues that the industry is facing in food safety and will be the focus of the committee’s time and resources to develop programs and materials that will make a measurable impact in retail food safety.  
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    Total Store Collaboration ImageTotal Store Collaboration is a core strategic pillar of FMI and is our wrap-around means of describing our approach to fostering partnerships between retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in the food industry. While retailer/supplier collaboration is an oft-discussed topic and wished for industry aspiration, FMI is in a unique position to facilitate the conversations needed for true cooperative effort to move from dream to reality. In the past year, we’ve built significantly on the initiative (started in early 2014) by expanding our collaborative communities and focusing on high priority industry issues.
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    FMI-12092014_388_WEBWhen a Class 1 recall happens, most retailers remove product from shelves within two hours after learning about a recall. Many also notify customers through e-mail, phone, websites, social media and other communications tools. In order for recall information to be delivered in a timely manner, this process takes coordination, advanced planning and quick response by all members of the supply chain. It’s a process the entire food industry takes very seriously and now there is a resource to help the recall process be even faster.
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    Food Bank Donations From Grocery StoresRecently the Food Waste Reduction Alliance - lead by Food Marketing Institute,Grocery Manufacturers Association and National Restaurant Association – held a convening of representatives from the food industry, government agencies and non-government groups, all sharing an interest in addressing the issue of food waste. Over the course of the day, participants reported on solutions they were working on, recounted the challenges they continue to find and brainstormed potential actions where collaborative action would help. An idea originating with our friends at Feeding America captured my attention and the fancy of the group gathered, but would involve some significant “red tape cutting.”
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