Food Safety


A food recall can happen to anyone. The goal of a recall is to remove a food product from commerce when there is reason to believe it may be adulterated (injurious to health or unfit for human consumption) or misbranded (false or misleading labeling and/or packaging). Managing a recall successfully depends on how well prepared you are — having current information and understanding recall policies are critical.

FMI staff is available to FMI members 24/7 for guidance in the event of a recall, food safety emergency, or other security and loss prevention issues.  Contact Information for 24 Hour Crisis Notification and Support.

FMI Guidance for Food Retail: Product Recalls 
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More Recall Information:

       FDA Recalls  USDA Recalls     

Rapid Recall Exchange

Designed by the industry for the industry and powered by GS1 US, Rapid Recall Exchange (RRE) is an industry-standards-based utility that creates a common platform for brand owners to enter the recall data once and for retailers to receive fast, accurate, and complete information. RRE subscribers reap the benefits of improved consumer safety and enhanced industry reputation as well as efficiently eliminating duplicative work and reducing the chance of errors. 

RRE Addresses:

» Product removal timelines and accuracy
» Reliable, standardized communications
» Consumer protection and confidence
» Brand protection and assurance

RRE Features & Capabilities

» Standardized format and recall form;
» Two-way communication between recalling firm and recipient;
» Product handling instructions;
» Recall audit report that provides capabilities to verify notification and receipt.

Watch this brief video to learn more about Rapid Recall Exchange and its benefits. To subscribe to or access RRE, visit www.rapidrecallexchange.orgFor additional questions, contact FMI