2024 FMI State Issues Retreat

The FMI State Issues Retreat is an annual event that brings together food retail grocery associations and food and grocery company professionals from each state to discuss state legislative issues of interest to the food industry. This year's State Issues Retreat will take place at The Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia on August 5 - 7.   

As more and more policymaking occurs at the state and local level, this meeting provides an important opportunity to learn the lessons of the 2024 state legislative sessions and strategize for 2025. While the agenda is still being developed, topics will likely include Alcohol, Artificial Intelligence, Food Additives, Pharmacy, Plastics & Packaging, SNAP, No Swipe Fees on Sales Taxes, Workforce & Labor and much more. A working agenda will be posted here in the upcoming weeks. Please refer to the hotel and travel page for details on securing your housing accommodations and transportation.