May 14-16, 2024
Arlington, Va.

Beyond Aisles: Unlocking Nonfoods Potential

Nonfood leaders are gathering for an interactive and immersive event focused on increasing nonfoods category performance at the grocery store. Attendees will tap into insights and develop the innovative mindset needed to compete and stay relevant in this dynamic marketplace. This invitation-only business event is carefully curated to bring together a select group of food retail professionals to include product suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

2024 Event Objectives 

Explore Gateway Categories and Conversion Value

Understanding the Significant Shift Toward EDLP

Enabling and Expanding Total Store Collaboration Knowledge and Synergies

Join your industry peers for a deep dive into Nonfoods, using a Hackathon format, to create a quadrant and personas to represent key retail types. Engaging discussions will explore evolving engagement models, shopper journeys, and the pace of change, particularly in segments like GM/Household and Health/Beauty.


  • The imminent shift to Everyday Low Price (EDLP) strategies reshaping retail pricing models, consumer behavior and industry competition.

  • Gateway categories, conversion value and merchandising strategies to safeguard and grow key grocery channels.


  • Consumer consumption reduction in Nonfood categories by prioritizing creative and innovative strategies for driving volume growth.

  • The evolving landscape of digital marketing and pinpoint strategic and operational aspects for forecasting and adapting to future trends.


  • Retail theft from multiple angles, asset protection strategies and planned disruptions safeguarding against losses.

  • Leveraging brands to drive engagement, using Nonfoods to build the digital basket, and unlocking "Life's Occasions" for enhanced consumer conversion.

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