Nonfoods Event Lockup

June 13-15, 2023
Arlington, Va.

Engaging Shoppers from Impulse to Loyalty

Nonfood leaders are coming together for an interactive and immersive event focused on a shopper’s transition from impulse to loyalty within nonfoods categories such as, general merchandise, household and health and beauty care. Attendees will access an immersive experience diving into the innovative mindset needed to compete and stay relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace. 

Exclusive Invitations – Event Limit 60 Attendees 

Due to the nature of the interactivity, invitations have been sent to a select group of individuals who are recognized as thought leaders, innovators, or influential agents of change in the nonfoods space. Attendees are expected to actively participate in the conference, sharing their insights and expertise with others to contribute to the overall success of the event. 

Gathering of Leaders

Invitation-only business conference bringing together a select group of food retailers, wholesalers, product suppliers and innovative entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing the grocery retail shopping experience.

Exclusive Invitations

Event is limited to 60 attendees. Register early.


Program Highlights

Tuesday, June 13th
Reception and inaugural kickoff of FMI Power of Nonfoods research  


Wednesday, June 14th
Networking and problem-solving Hackathon powered by Barrows


Thursday, June 15th
Solution Discussions

Conference Objectives 

Meeting Current and Future Retail Challenges Around the Customer Experience

Solving and Innovating for Impulse Shopper Behaviors.

Enabling and Expanding Total Store Collaboration Knowledge and Synergies

Nonfoods Hackathon Powered by Barrows

The Nonfoods Hackathon focuses on Engaging Shoppers from Impulse to Loyalty. We are pleased to partner with Barrows. A global leader working with retailers and manufacturers navigating the future of retail, developing highly engaging experiences at the point of consideration with scale and sustainability in mind. 


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