Cyber Security

FMI remains committed to improving security through ongoing initiatives. Although we cannot prevent a cyber attack or data breach from occurring, we can manage risks through education, process improvements and technology enhancements or additions.

Cyber Security Updates

Just in Time Breach Alerts

ClockFMI is working with Fortalice, LLC and federal law enforcement to bring you the most up-to-date information and resources in the fight against cyber-crime and data security. We are constantly monitoring all data breach incidents within the retail industry and sharing “Just In Time Alerts” with you when a breach happens or other important information is released - in an effort to ensure FMI members receive as much information as possible to mitigate risk to their organizations.

Cyber Corner Posts 

Lighted KeyboardEach month, FMI provides food retail industry-specific cyber security information in its "Cyber Corner." These key topics will be supplemented with additional content including guidance on best practices, and practical steps. You can also learn about products that FMI is providing as part of an ongoing membership benefit.

FMI Cyber Security Resources

  • Cyber Security Toolkit

    This site offers practical applications for you and your company to manage risks before, during and after a data breach or cyber attack. Additional resources accompanying this toolkit include: 

    Operational Guidelines for Mitigating and Responding to a Data Breach - This manual offers step-by-step guidelines on how to protect, react and respond to cyber security issues and concerns. 

    Recommended Guidelines for Protecting Digital Assets - This document serves as a reference and template for both review and potential implementation within FMI member companies. This document can be used in parts or in whole depending on the unique nature of each individual company.

    Third Party Notification Letter Template - After reviewing the Cyber Corner post on  vendor management, this template can be used to create your own third party notification letter. 
  • FMI Crisis Communications Manual

    To best handle a crisis when it happens, the most equipped teams invest time in preparing, planning, testing and practicing for various scenarios that may one day happen to or involve their food retail location. Though it is important to recognize the role of the Asset Protection Crisis Preparedness Team and Crisis Manager, the FMI Crisis Communications Manual will focus on Crisis Communications. 

    Additional Resource: FMI Incident Response Communications Plan

State Cyber Security Resources

Security Breach Notification Chart - Perkins Coie's Privacy & Security practice maintains a comprehensive chart that summarizes state laws regarding security breach notification.  The chart is for informational purposes only and is intended as an aid in understanding each state's unique security breach notification requirements.  Lawyers, compliance professionals, and business owners have told us that the chart has been helpful when preparing for and responding to data breaches. Learn More