Country of Origin Labeling

FMI Food Labeling Webinar:
FMI hosted a comprehensive review of food labeling requirements for retailers, which included FDA and USDA rules regarding nutrient content claims, health claims, nutrition labeling, ingredient labeling and country of origin labeling.

WTO Ruling on COOL:
On June 29, 2012 the World Trade Organization Appellate Body ruled that USDA’s mandatory country of origin labeling program (COOL) is an illegal trade barrier.  USDA is in the process of amending its COOL regulations in order to attempt to comply with the WTO ruling.  The U.S. is required to show compliance with the ruling by May 23, 2013.  FMI has been actively engaged with USDA as the agency begins to make planned amendments to its regulations.

The World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Panel issued a report on the country of origin labeling law.