Share Groups

Throughout the year, FMI hosts multiple events to link non-competitors in share groups across the country. These groups allow food retail professionals in similar subject areas to convene in specialized forums and engage in issue-specific dialogue.

FMI currently operates ten share groups.  Information and feedback from share group discussions can help food retailers improve efficiencies and profitability, as well as develop relationships with leading food retailers from around the country. Share group meetings are self-funded and involve discussion, store tours and education and resource sharing.

For more information about FMI’s share groups, please contact our Membership Department.

  • Lasting Legacies in the Food Retail Industry

    Jan 19, 2017
    2017 FMI Executive Leadership AwardsFood retail is sometimes referred to as a noble enterprise because it incorporates into a business  entity the delicate art of serving communities by engaging people and providing them the food that nourishes their bodies and feeds their spirits.  Today’s food retail persona results from the cumulative efforts of many visionary leaders who have shaped the industry and sculpted it into the high calling that it is.  
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  • Tech Opportunities for Food Retail on Display at CES

    Jan 10, 2017
    Smart kitchen appliances from BoschAs a group of food retailing industry executives who took advantage of an FMI-organized trip to International CES 2017 realized, there is no way around it: Consumers are quite happily and increasingly connected.
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  • 140 In-Person Membership Visits in 2016

    Dec 29, 2016
    Membership Visits in 2016Building a strong membership program can be equated to the quote, “Without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything with value.” In 2016, the FMI Membership department continued to build a robust and valuable membership program by focusing on new member recruitment, as well as building breadth and depth with existing members. We worked to developed new programs, roles, and communication strategies to meet the needs of our expanding membership base. This year FMI welcomed 21 new retail and wholesale members and 93 new associate members. We’re grateful for the support and engagement of the FMI Officers and Board members who assisted in FMI’s successful recruiting process.
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  • Changes to the FMI Events Program Put the Focus on Quality Content

    Dec 28, 2016
    Events and Education ImageWhile we carefully monitor the numbers, we also know we serve FMI members best by providing high-quality opportunities for them to learn what they need to grow their businesses and to meet one another face to face. So the “AND” is an important part of the sentence.
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  • 3 Business Questions Answered at Midwinter Executive Conference

    Dec 14, 2016
    2017 Midwinter Executive Conference: Keynote SessionsThere is no denying the food retail industry continues to navigate an ever-changing marketplace. Shoppers are finding additional ways to be more efficient, find specialty products, and save money on everyday items. Tech-savvy shoppers are increasingly using digital tools for exploring, planning, creating and sharing food experiences. Food culture is changing as we know it. Consumers have to fill a broader set of household needs, and more than ever Americans are sharing responsibilities in the food shopping experience. Within this dynamic environment, here are three business questions retailers are asking in order to prepare for the evolving grocery landscape that will be addressed at the 2017 Midwinter Executive Conference.
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