Share Groups

Throughout the year, FMI hosts multiple events to link non-competitors in share groups across the country. These groups allow food retail professionals in similar subject areas to convene in specialized forums and engage in issue-specific dialogue.

FMI currently operates ten share groups.  Information and feedback from share group discussions can help food retailers improve efficiencies and profitability, as well as develop relationships with leading food retailers from around the country. Share group meetings are self-funded and involve discussion, store tours and education and resource sharing.

For more information about FMI’s share groups, please contact our Membership Department.

  • Why Transparency Isn’t Always Clear

    Apr 20, 2017
    ClarityWhat we need is practical, targeted clarity, which necessitates taking the time to find out what people want to know and then presenting it to them with lucid integrity. It’s with this notion that the 2017 edition of FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends will focus on transparency, both defining this maligned concept and getting our arms around the good it calls for while approaching it realistically and with frugal practicality.
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  • Critical Thinking for Critical Issues, In Critical Times

    Apr 14, 2017
    June EventsThe world of food retail is always changing, so having the tools to make strategic adjustments and adapt requires the right talent, resources and a collaborative spirit.With that in mind FMI has designed four events in one week in one major city to promote thoughtful connections for food retail businesses. 
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  • Breaking Barriers in Supply Chain Optimization

    Apr 11, 2017
    FMI-12092014_117_e_WEBOne of the biggest challenges for supply chain leaders remains, “How does the food retail industry enhance operational efficiencies?” 
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  • The Need for Training in Food Retail

    Apr 07, 2017
    Training and LearningOur members continuously stress the need to get their people the training they need to be successful. FMI is working to fill the gaps for the grocery industry and demonstrate its’ attractiveness as a career.
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  • Food Retailers: Seek out that Next Generation of Leaders

    Apr 05, 2017
    20161208-FMI-1055_ed WEBFood retailing is a diverse and remarkable industry that strives to make a difference in each local community it serves every day. The food retail industry employs more than 3.4 million individuals and brims with extremely talented individuals, providing them with good jobs that can lead to great careers with hard work and determination.
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