Share Groups

Throughout the year, FMI hosts multiple events to link non-competitors in share groups across the country. These groups allow food retail professionals in similar subject areas to convene in specialized forums and engage in issue-specific dialogue.

FMI currently operates ten share groups.  Information and feedback from share group discussions can help food retailers improve efficiencies and profitability, as well as develop relationships with leading food retailers from around the country. Share group meetings are self-funded and involve discussion, store tours and education and resource sharing.

For more information about FMI’s share groups, please contact our Membership Department.

  • Are You a Grocery Trailblazer?

    Mar 15, 2017
    FMI Executive Leadership AwardsStatesmanship, humanitarianism and entrepreneurialism are qualities we associate with great leaders who help to cultivate corporate purpose.  In the food retail industry, these attributes define the type of leader who can advance his or her career from a motivated grocery bagger to the visionary in the corner office. Not all industries offer the caliber of self-evolvement opportunities that is such a vital part of the tradition of the food retail industry.
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  • Advice from FMI Store Manager Award Winners to Future Nominees: Brian Hayes

    Mar 03, 2017
    Brian HayesBrian Hayes, a store director for Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska, earned recognition as an outstanding store manager in 2015. As a previous winner, Hayes shared his advice with rising food retailers.
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  • What Makes a Great Store Manager?

    Feb 24, 2017
    FMI Store ManagerI’ve learned there’s no set equation of traits and qualities that make an outstanding store manager. In a single day, these hardworking individuals often wear many hats as they jump from project to project to serve their store and customers. Each store manager hones their own unique skill set that helps their team navigate various opportunities and challenges.
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  • Food Defense: Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

    Feb 15, 2017
    MealIf ever there was a time to turn up the dial on asset protection, it is now. While there are any number of issues that keep those charged with asset protection up at night, perhaps no topic is more vital to your company’s customers and investors than that of food defense.
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  • Advice from FMI Store Manager Award Winners to Future Nominees

    Feb 14, 2017
    Charlynne StunderWhat does it take for a store manager to win FMI’s Store Manager Award? Previous winner, Charlynne Stunder, one of Save on Foods’ store managers in Vancouver, BC Canada shares her advice with rising leaders of the food industry.
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