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FMI offers members only newsletters on a variety of topics. Titles include:

FMI in Washington

FMI in Washington is a weekly report designed to give the reader FMI's perspective on the legislative and political happenings in the nation's capital. It will also update you on FMI and member involvement in the political arena.

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Independent's Edge

Independent's Edge is a unique information resource that provides a comprehensive look, from the perspective of independent retailers, into the maze of operational, legislative and regulatory issues that affect small and regional operators. Each issue offers practical tips, updates and ideas on how to use FMI's business-building tools to improve operations and grow your business.

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FMI News - Aisle by Aisle

FMI News: Aisle by Aisle is a monthly newsletter exclusive to FMI members that addresses food industry issues, ranging from food safety to government relations to logistics; FMI programs, research and services; and retailing trends. 

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FMI Tax Time

Timely news regarding legislative changes to the tax code and potential impact to your business. Published by the Tax Policy Services Group, Deloitte Tax LLP

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