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FMI Community Outreach Awards

Winners receive:

  • $1,000 donation to enhance the program
  • A plaque recognizing the program as being award winning
  • Program recognition on the FMI website and in the FMI monthly newsletter
  • Inclusion in FMI media initiatives recognizing grocery store community contributions
  • Inclusion in an online data bank for food retail community service projects

Congratulations to our 2013 Community Outreach Award Winners!
View profiles of the winners here.

Food nourishes us physically. Caring for others nourishes us metaphysically. Supermarkets provide both forms of nourishment to the benefit of their communities every day. Through the multitude of community service initiatives they support, supermarkets serve more than the tangible staples of bread, eggs and milk, they also provide the intangible staples of hope, encouragement and help. In so doing, the food retail industry continues to honor its long and proud tradition of serving as community cornerstones and valued neighborhood partners in building better lives.   

Food Marketing Institute proudly hosts the Community Outreach Awards as a means of highlighting the oft-unheralded good that grocery stores do. We do this so that the message of hope gets distributed more broadly and because hearing about the creative ways food retailers have contributed to their community encourages others to find their way of paying it forward.

Recognizing that programs designed to address particular community challenges will vary; awards are given in three categories:

  • Youth Development programs (education, employment, job readiness, mentoring/tutoring programs)
  • Programs addressing Food Insecurity (food drives, food bank donations, commitments to increase access to fresh food in underserved areas)
  • Neighborhood Health Improvement programs (nutrition education, blood drives, health related runs/walks, sustainability education and community involvement)

Contact Jessica Carpenter at 202.220.0638 or jcarpenter@fmi.org if you have any questions.