By: Rick Stein, Vice President of Fresh, Food Marketing Institute 

SNP And Family MealsFor National Seafood Month in October, the Seafood Nutrition Partnership™ (SNP) is bringing the focus back to family.

The FMI Foundation partnered with SNP to emphasize the importance of family meals, expanding National Family Meals Month™ throughout the year and into a true movement - the Family Meals Movement. 

Seafood consumers represent valuable segments of shoppers. When seafood is part of the basket, the average basket size almost triples. Compared to the average consumer, the seafood consumer has a higher average household income and spends more on groceries than the average shopper, according to the 2019 Power of Seafood

As a retailer, you know customers are often overwhelmed by the options at the seafood counter or confused about how best to prepare a tasty fish dish. A toolkit created by SNP for National Seafood Month can help answer consumer questions and inspire customers to make healthier choices for themselves and for their families.

Your seafood department works hard to provide your customers quality, sustainable seafood. Now, let’s showcase the delicious offerings in your stores.

Help Customers Be More Confident in Purchasing Seafood

Selecting and cooking seafood is simple for those who have eaten it for a while. But, for others, it can be intimidating. Power of Seafood 2019 reports, consumers would like to try different types of seafood if someone advised them. That’s where your seafood department can step in. For many consumers, seafood isn’t something they grew up eating or isn’t as familiar to cook with as poultry. They need a little help to confidently make the seafood purchase.

Mealtime Solutions Good for Shoppers and Business

Taking part in National Seafood Month and the Family Meals Movement reminds shoppers and the larger community that your company advocates for families every day by offering sustainable, healthy solutions that help busy families get wholesome meals on the table. Positioning your company as an extension of the family unit and a problem solver, creating more engagement, community, trust, and loyalty. 

How Food Retailers Can Participate

  • Take it to the aisles. Conduct “open houses” or tours of your seafood counter; partner with other departments to create whole meal solutions.
  • In the Kitchen. Show customers how easy preparing seafood can be AND how delicious it is!
  • Talk about Seafood. Provide your store staff with talking points to engage customers in conversation; post delicious recipes on your blogs; and share tips, tricks and promotions on social.
  • Be Creative. Get kids involved in cooking classes; create a “Catch of the Week.”

Join us as we work collaboratively with retailers from across the country to bring families back to the table all year long. 

Download The National Seafood Month Toolkit