Family Meals State Proclamations

Get your State to Proclaim September as Family Meals Month

Support the food retailers food manufacturers celebrating National Family Meals Month by proclaiming September as Family Meals Month. 

There are many compelling reasons to make family meals proclamation in your state:

  • Research shows that family meals have numerous health and societal benefits for everyone who eats together
    • Children and teens who eat more meals with their family are more successful in school;
    • Frequent family meals increase self-esteem and positive social behaviors;
    • Meals at home tend to be healthier,
    • Meals at home are associated with lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and.
    • Meals prepared and eaten at home are more economical.

To get started on proclaiming September as Family Meals Month in your state, click below.   

Family Meals Month State Resolution Toolkit


Multiple states have been successful at proclaiming September as Family Meals Month. See below for examples. 

2018 Michigan Family Meals Proclamation

2018 Minnesota Family Meals Proclamation

2018 South Dakota Family Meals Proclamation

2018 Kansas Family Meals Proclamation

2018 Wisconsin Family Meals Proclamation

Nebraska Proclamation

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