By: Allison Febrey, Assistant, Health and Wellness/FMI Foundation/Food and Product Safety, Food Marketing Institute

NFMM Mealtime MentorsThis past September, Skogen’s Festival Foods celebrated National Family Meals Month™ (NFMM) through new and returning avenues. The consecutive Gold Plate Award Winner found innovative ways to utilize tactics, collaborate with industry partners, local celebrities, and community groups to provide shoppers with $10 meal solutions in an effort to help all families achieve one more family meal at home each week.

This year, Festival Food’s welcomed its Mealtime Mentors, their team of dietitians who help their guests with meal planning, and community star power to raise awareness about family meals.  The Mealtime Mentors partnered with the cast of “The Better Half”, a lifestyle television show about women who are married to Green Bay Packers players. Together, the Mealtime Mentors and the women of “The Better Half” featured recipes and meal suggestions to help promote family meals on social media. Each week, the women of “The Better Half” appeared on Festival Food’s Instagram each to share how they make family meals happen in their homes.  With the help of Mealtime Mentors and “The Better Half” partnership, NFMM debuted on the small screen by appearing on the lifestyle show.

Mealtime Mentors also collaborated with healthcare systems, community groups and universities to extend the family meals movement into the community. They offered grocery store tours focused on family meals. The tours included a $10 Meals Challenge in which the group had to create a meal that would feed a family of four for $10 or less.

Mealtime Mentors hosted Facebook Live events throughout the month, each highlighting family meal solutions. The Mealtime Mentors joined a local radio morning talk show throughout September. They presented $10 meal recipes and spread the message of the importance of family meals and how to make family meals happen all year round. Radio advertisements sponsored by Festival Foods also highlighted National Family Meals Month.

In addition, Festival Foods offered deals, through their mobile text program, on items that can be used to make family meals and included a link back to their National Family Meals Month blog post

Now is the perfect time to start planning for National Family Meals Month! There is no fee to participate. Go to for ideas on how you and your company can participate.