By: Sue Borra, RD, Chief Health and Wellness Officer for FMI and Executive Director of the FMI Foundation 

Every day in September has been a real treat because my daily emails are full of new and exciting National Family Meals Month™ stories.  It’s clear that grocery stores are coming up with creative ways to join in on Family Meals Month and that the movement has transitioned from mainly a social media discussion to promotions and activities playing out in-store. At the same time, the Dietitian community has joined in to echo the benefits of eating together for families of all shapes and sizes. As the Family Meals Month messages continue to crescendo, here are a few examples of how companies and people are taking part. Click on the images to enlarge them and see more.

Family Meals Month in the Grocery Aisle: Grocery stores have been showcasing family meals solutions in store as part of incorporating National Family Meals Month into their merchandising activities.  Some have even been encouraging family meals by providing suggestions for discussion topics around the table. 

Baeslers Market TW 16 - in store exampleHy-Vee Family Meals In Store Example

Festival Foods In Store Example of Family Meals Month

Connecting Family Meals with Health and Wellness In-Store: Supermarket Dietitians and in-store health and wellness centers have been spreading the word about the benefits of family meals, especially the nutrition benefits. 

Kroger Little Clinic Family Meals Month Ingles RD Family Meals Month

Dietitians Love Family Meals: The Registered Dietitian community has been sharing the benefits of family meals all month long via their blogs and social media channels.  We thank all the RDs for their support of Family Meals Month!

Registered Dietitian on Family Meals MonthRegistered Dietitians Share About Family Meals Month

Registered Dietitian Celebrates Family Meals Month

Helping a Good Cause:  Beyond just helping individual families, Family Meals Month can help those in need.  One retailer is connecting their family meals month efforts to a local good cause.  Watch their video to see more. 

How are you taking part in National Family Meals Month?  Share your story with us on our website via this online form and consider submitting your program from a Gold Plate Award